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pull your pants up


wiggaz are silly
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just to let you know - i am not anti-hip hop. to each his own.
but i created this community because i think "gangstas" are silly. they look ridiculous. every time i see one, i want to rip off his do-rag and pull up his pants.

i am all about personal styles and everyone being cool with others. so i suppose this community is somewhat of an oxymoron. but that's okay, because so am i.

so this community isn't actually anti-anything. please realize that. it's a community about stuff. and you can join. that's right, *you*!! but for your first post, please answer these questions. it's just out of sheer curiosity.
1. full name
2. favorite band/composer (answer both)
3. favorite color
4. what is the best kind of nut in a can of mixed nuts
5. if you could be a nut, what kind would you be and why
6. do you like nuts
7. do you play any instrument, if so, good for you
8. how old should someone be to get married
9. how much will gas be this summer
10. free choice. answer any question you'd like.