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Feb. 28th, 2006 @ 06:01 pm
Why hello gangstas...This is actually more a question for oriana.

Do you still make jewelry?
Did/do you make wire metal jewelry?
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Feb. 28th, 2006 @ 10:22 am
no one ever posts in here anymore.
and molly, i just realized that i haven't heard from you in far too long. call, text, message, email, comment. WHATEVER. just _______ (fill in the blank) me.

oh wait.

everyone has to update. and tell me a funny joke.
well, all jokes are funny.
no, not necessarily. well they're supposed to be. but aren't to everyone.

i could go on for forever.

ok. just everyone update in here. NOW.

Oct. 5th, 2005 @ 05:45 pm
I think this community needs to be revived. Just becasue it's the begining of school doesn't mean 2pac_4eva_yo has to die. Viva la communidad!

Jul. 30th, 2005 @ 09:03 pm
Long time no post!

Does anyone read this anymore?? If not, this is compleatly for Oriana's benifit.



Jul. 1st, 2005 @ 08:48 pm
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» (No Subject)
okay here it goes..my excuse for missing the meeting.

well, i had all honest intentions of going, but i realized that no one else was home. SO, being resourcefull like i am, i grabbed the keys and hopped in the car. So i was driving along, going the speed limit as not to get pulled over because i only have my permit, when out of the blue, i see a police car. So, immediatly i flip out, and start driving faster. He flips on his blues. Fuck. (can i say that in this story?) So i hop on the interstate, and there we ahve it, a high speed chace (i'm doing 150 ) and the cops are right on my back. So i reach over in my glove box, and remove the .44 magnum that is kept there for circumstances just like these. I lay it on the seat next to me. Then, I hook up my iPod, and start blasting NWA's version of Fuck the Police (can i say that in this story too?) Then i start to slow down, and they think they're going to catch me, but i'm smart, so i hit the restricted access crossway thing, and get going in the other direction. Meanwhile, i fire a few shots at the folllowing police cars. They return fire, and eventually catch me by laying down those spike mat things. damn. So they cuff me, read me my rights, search me (strip search, and ooo was that police officer hot...(yes it was a girl))(can i say that in my story?) So finally they haul me into the police office, and i explain the situation and they were like oh, well i guess you have a good reason for doing all of that...and then they gave me a police escort to Pizza Hut, but by the time that I got there, it was closed and i had missed the meeting.

actually in reality i thought that we were joking about the whole meeting thing, and I went over to hannah's and we umm watched a movie.
i like the other story better...:-p

let's plan another one.
» (No Subject)
Saturday was a hellish day for me darling. You see, I sually give a small girl riding lessons every Friday afternoon, but on this particular Friday we were all assembleing for a Speech Celebration. And why weren't you there? Because you, quite frankly, suck at life!* Anyways. So this ment that my lesson was pushed back to Saturday afternoon. Just as I am about to leave for it, my Dad announces that we are not going to be home for dinner on Suday, so we should make my Mum dinner on Saturday. "We" of course means me, and he'll wash the dishes. So, instead of coming to eat pizza with you, I was baking two pounds of scallops, making mashed potatoes and tossing a salad.

* For all of you who do not understand this saying, it is another way of saying "I think you are great" but it is just in Molly and Oriana speak.

By the By, I loved how I was talking to you as you drove up behind me this afternoon. And I was dancing in my car.. but you weren't so I suddenly felt like a fool. Then I remembered that I really don't care, and kept dancing.
» (No Subject)
gee guys, thanks for coming to the community meeting on saturday.
it meant a lot to me to know that everyone cares about this community.

each of you must write a detailed, 58-word-long apology/explanation as to why i was the only one at the meeting (why you weren't there) and maybe i'll forgive you.
i don't know.
make it creative. and please, keep it pg-13. that means not a lot of swearing, and you can have mild violence and brief nudity (only cole will get that) (ask him about it)

that is all

(pop quiz - tell me what tv show in which "that is all" is said every time at the end and you don't have to write an apology/explanation but only if you get it right)
» (No Subject)
I think that I want to be Jabba the Hutt. I mean, how much better can you get it? You've got Carrie Fisher strapped to you (EWWW) and you get to eat random little creatures that you keep in a bowl of green slime. Not to mention the bong-like-thing he seems to be smoking from.

I'm going to have a Star Wars party here on the 18th... who wants to come??
» (No Subject)
okay guys. group meeting at pizza hut on saturday. we'll have to decide what to do. well, you can decide. i'll be waiting on you.

i need some ideas. because right now, this community sucks. NO ONE POSTS!! :-(

it's just because i suck at life.
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